The Peroni Australia 16ft & 13ft Skiff Championships are fast approaching

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While Christmas celebrations have come and gone and  the Sydney to Hobart was one of the most exciting  in years, many of Australia’s finest are preparing to compete in the 2018 Peroni Australian 16ft & 13ft Skiff Championships to be held at the Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club. The traditional breeding ground for many famous yacht stars of the future including Iain Murray, Peter Sorensen to name just a few this event truly breathes excitement for competitors and spectators alike.

Skiff sailing on Sydney Harbour has had an iconic history, and whilst the class has have changed dramatically over a century of history, modern skiffs are considered  still the high performance craft for crews seeking the speed and thrill that only these classes can bring. Advances in composite structures have allowed the skiff class to enter the modern era, providing faster boats with greater longevity and more affordable to the common man.

Photographer: Michael Chittenden

World on Water’s Geoff Waller interviewed Middle Harbour’s President Peter Tinworth to get some insight into Australia’s biggest fleet of skiffs. “With 62 current entries in the 16ft Skiff Class and 11 entries in the feeder class, the regatta will encompass some of the most competitive high performance fleet racing in the southern hemisphere. We are excited as a club to host the Peroni championships”

Racing will take place in the sound on Sydney Harbour, starting on January 1st, and finishing on the 7th. Information regarding the regatta can be found on the events website. Be ready for many updates and thrilling shots as these flying machines do what they do best – fly.

Photographer: Michael Chittenden


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