Waiting for Huey – Pernoni Australian 16 and 13 foot championship praying for the God of wind to deliver

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After a no start yesterday the committee is absorbing the sanctioned lay day to play catch up in hope of breeze to get the flying machines underway.
The Bureau of Metrology has predicted some hope for today. Huey apparently is on holidays but he may produce. That said we might get a start, according to seebreeze [see below] – Go Huey Go!

Interesting side bar, I heard yesterday that MH44, a Middle Harbour Skiff out there competing with Matt Bassett at the helm, was traded across a bar room deal for sale for a glass of beer. At the time history tells me that was a mere was $1.48 in today’s prices.

So we look forward to some classic Michael Chittenden shots like attached

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